was born on an April sunny day in Buenos Aires.
The city where he was born offered him all the tools needed in order to flourish as an artist. He studied in the prestigious art academy "Prilidiano Pueyrredon" in Buenos Aires. After finishing his studies in art, he was sent to serve in the Falklands war in April 1982. During the war, he was taken as prisoner and then back to his country. In the late 80´s he decided to travel to Europe and live for at least two years in Madrid and Barcelona. During his stay in these places, Assabbi discovered that his true passion was in photography. He began to work for fashion editorials and designers, and once back in Buenos Aires, he started to work for prestigious agencies such as Young & Rubicam, Grey or BBDO Arg. He also made campaigns for Levi´s, Telekom, Nike, and for Wieden & Kennedy USA.

During his photographic career Assabbi also won awards at different International Advertising Festivals. After a successful collaboration with Wim Wenders for a TV commercial of Renault in Argentina for the agency Agulla & Baccetti, Assabbi set his sights on Berlin. In Berlin, he worked for Creative agencies such as Aimaq Rapp & Stolle and Heimat.

After years of working for reputable names, Assabbi decided to temporarily turn his attention away from photography and more towards areas such as painting, music, and cinema. These other art forms offered him a source of inspiration and innovation. Assabbi ´s deep understanding of art allows him to express a unique perspective and style. The photos by Assabbi have the tendency to lightly scratch the surface of reality. Through this surface, there often is a poignant historical element that is not very obvious at first sight.
C. S.

1995. CLIO AWARDS, finalist. Savaglio, Argentina. 1996. CLIO AWARDS, finalist. Agulla & Baccetti, Argentina. 1997. THE NEW YORK FESTIVALS, finalist. Ratto/ BBDO, Argentina. 1998. 45th CANNES-LION, bronze. Agulla & Baccetti, Argentina. 1999. 46th CANNES-LION, bronze. Agulla & Baccetti, Argentina. 1999. CLIO AWARDS, finalist. Ratto/ BBDO, Argentina. 1999. LONDON AWARD, gold. Leo Burnett, Argentina. 1999. FIAP, gold. Agulla & Baccetti, Argentina. 2000. CLIO AWARDS, bronze. Grey, Argentina. 2002. ADC Deutschland, finalist. Aimaq Rapp & Stolle, Germany. 2005. LAUS BARCELONA, finalist. Del Fraile, España.

Honda, Wieden & Kennedy, Nike, Levi's, Universal Music Germany, VW Arg., Leo Burnett, McCann Erickson, Diferencia Barcelona, Young & Rubicam, B54 Berlin, Aimaq Rapp & Stolle, Hugo Boss, Grey, Sony Music Germany, Heimat, Deutsche Grammophon, DFraile España, Repsol, Lotto Sport, Viagra, Renault, Telecom, BBDO, Hornbach, Sprite, Heineken, Agulla & Baccetti,  Kellogg's, Sparkasse, Mc Donald's, Quilmes Beer, Soup Magazine, Spex, All... Magazine, Neo2, Ostwald Helgason, Zoot, The Draft Magazine, The Fault Magazine London, Papercut Magazine London, Vogue Italia/ Photo Vogue...